I help facilitate individuals and brands with desire for change to create empowering high-quality video & photographic content. By telling meaningful stories through capturing authentic moments of time, and people in their essence, it allows my clients to bridge their message to the world and more freedom to focus on their impact.

Since I was a child i've had a natural ability to tell stories. The world is over-stimulated with noise and saturated by empty media that distracts us from what matters. I help co-create content that can communicate through that noise with the ability to inspire, uplift, and evoke positive change. I work with conscious change-makers who advocate for humanity moving in the direction where we all prosper, thrive, and be in greater harmony together.

Media is a vehicle of communication. It has the ability to communicate beyond where words may limit us. It can portray meaning, emotion, and a deep essence of what something is. After working over a decade in the I.T & marketing sector I was guided to step back and reconnect with my wairua (spirit). Hart Media was born from that space with the intention to bring more beauty and grace into the digital space.

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"My first ever photoshoot was with Gian and he exceeded my expectations 10 fold. I needed photos for my Sound Healing work and I’m still blown away with the photos he took. I still look back on them in awe and can easily say that some of my favourite photos of my work were taken by Gian. He is a true visionary and his ability to work with the surroundings and capture an individuals true essence is pure talent. I will treasure these photos forever and recommend his work to everyone."

samantha may

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"Working with Gian, has been such a dream. He heard my vision and delivered a product beyond what I could have expected. I was truly blown away by the quality, attention to detail and efficiency in his response through out the whole process. Will absolutely be recommending his work to everyone."

mareah grace